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Each day we receive e-mails from various parts of the world asking for advice. One example as below:

Hello Dr. Chris,

I am a person who has been looking at medical sources and other sources online for any cures or better treatments like traditional herbs on pancreatic cancer and I came across your site online. I looked at some of the information on your site and some of the videos on curing and treating cancers.

Is it true that the herbals can truly work and heal cancers and if it can work and treat especially pancreatic cancer.

My girlfriend has pancreatic cancer and she has had also used chemo therapies and other treatments, but they don’t seem to be making her better and well, but making her worse. The doctors say they cannot do much for her now since the pancreas is full of cancer now and they say it’s incurable. They say it’s too far gone now.

She is experiencing most of the symptoms; her skin has turned into orange color, she is swelled up, and her body is cold most of the times and they have to heat her up and they are like saying she doesn’t have much chance to live, but she is still surprising the doctors by having the will to fighting it and not giving up that easily on wanting to live life. Her white blood cells is low, and she is always most tired, and the Iron in her body is low too.

Can the herbals do anything for her now to perhaps cure her or give her the 5-year chance of survival that most pancreas patients had gotten or can anything be done at all. I am also looking at other traditional medicines as well too, especially on the Chinese herbals, things like that. I would really appreciate if you can come back to me and thank you for your time in reading this, and thanks for your help and sincere honesty and really appreciated you answering and getting back to me.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people who are from foreign countries. I am from Malaysia — too far away from you. Also when doctors cannot cure and it is far too serious, don’t expect herbs can do the magic. That is unrealistic. My experience tells me that nobody on earth can cure any cancer.

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