Pain & Wellness


Pain Management at our Centre

  • We provide herbal tea for your pain whenever indicated. This tea does not contain any chemical or painkiller drug. The basis of our pain treatment is: When Qi flows, there is no pain. When Qi is blocked or stagnant, there is pain. So our teas of pain promote the flow of  Qi.
  • We apply audio bio-frequencies (e-Therapy) to relieve or even cure your pains.

Wellness Management at our Centre

  •  We determine your Qi energy balance using the AcuGraph.
  • We provide specific herbal tea to correct any imbalance that may occur. In this way, we treatment an illness before it even appears.
  • We apply audio bio-frequencies (e-Therapy) to promote your wellbeing.
  • We provide advice on how to take care of your diet to maintain your wellbeing.

This blog is specifically devouted to the documentation of the effectiveness of our work in managing all kinds of pains as well as promoting wellness. Experience how your long-standing problems just “melt” away.

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Video On Cancer


A person wrote: How much do you pay to get those actors to act on your videos? It is sad to know that there are such people who think of only money while living in this world. Unfortunately, our God is not money. We don’t do things in terms of only money.

No, the videos presented here are impromptu recordings of patients while they come to CA Care for help. We pay them nothing! These are actual, true records of what actually happened at our Centre.

Let patients share and bear witness to their healing.

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Book On Cancer


Read widely … to know is science!

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Expert Opinion

In this age of information technology, there is no more excuse for people to say: I don’t know. If you really want to know and know how to read, information can readily be obtained at a click of the mouse. I obtained much information after reading materials from the internet, books, journals, etc. However, let me caution you – not all the information in the web are correct. So, evaluate the materials you read carefully. I suggest that you garner information from other sources as well. Do not drink water from only one well.


Knowing the truth can change your mindset and set you free. So, get it right!

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Photo Gallery

The Early Days of CA Care

National TV 

Conference / Seminar / Public Lecture


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